Receive Time Field in Part Maintenance

I entered 30 days into the “Receive Time” field within “Part Maintenance” for a specific item which is outsourced. I ran MRP full regen and expected my unfirmed job to have a date 30 days before I need it. My unfirmed job still resides at the date I need it. Not sure why this is not working. Has anyone seen this issue arise ?

Try scheduling the job and see what happens. You have just run MRP, you have not scheduled that job because it is still unfirm.


When you try manual scheduling, test to see the difference between running “Ignore Constrained Materials” checked versus unchecked. Even if you do not have any parts flagged as constrained, we’ve found Epicor will treat purchased material as constrained when you don’t have any on-hand. Not sure if that is version specific, but I’ve had it behave that way in several versions.