Jobs for a part are scheduled out 44 days after their due date

Need some help here. I’ve looked everywhere I think I can but can’t find the answer. It appears to be to this part and its components. Why are the unfirmed jobs being scheduled 44 days after the the due date? The 44 days appears to line up with the number of work days with 2 days off for Thanksgiving.

The orginal dates for this one, start date was 12/14, createdate was 9/29. When I ran MRP it changed to the dates below.


I’m thinking there has to be a “start window” field somewhere that would be causing this? I’ve checked all our calendars, the supplier calendars. In company configuration the MRP start window is 30 days, but when changing that and running MRP, I get the same results. Does it need to be a full regen? I can only do a net change on a single part.

What am I missing or do not know about that we need to change to get the unfirmed jobs to be scheduled correctly so they are completed in time for the S/O’s.

Another odd thing I noticed is that the forecast isn’t dropping the quantity on hand until 12/1/2018. Why doesn’t the forecast from October decrease the quantity on hand?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

Figured out what it was. The part was marked as non-stock and purchase even though we 37k on hand. Epicor was generating PO’s (I didn’t think to at purchase suggestions), that supplier had a lead time of 30 days, with the the 2 holidays we have that bumped the parts to arrive on 12/14. Cleared the non-stock check on that part, and time phase looks like it should.