Recommendation on 1 purchased part that breaks into 2 parts used to manufacture product

We have a situation where we will be purchasing 1 part and that one part will break into 2 different parts that are used to manufacture a product. What are best practices for setting this up in Epicor?

  • Make 3 parts. The purchased part and two manufactured parts.
  • Make a BOM for one of the two mfg’d parts. With the other mfg’d part a co-part.

Does anyone know if you could make a BOM for other the Mfg’d part (the one that is the co-part on the first BOM), with that first Mfg’d part being the co-part on the second.


  • Part PUR-001 - Purchased part to be split into parts MFG-001(qty 1) and MFG-002(qty 4)
  • Part MFG-001 - Mfg’d part from PUR-001
    • BOM consists of (1) PUR-001, and also makes (4) of co-part MFG-002
  • Part MFG-002 - Mfg’d part from PUR-001
    • BOM consists of (0.25) PUR-001, and also makes (0.25) of co-part MFG-001
    • With mfg qty to be multiple of 4, so 4 of PUR-001 makes 4 MFG-002 and 1 MFG-001

Does MRP create jobs to meet demand for co-parts? Like if part MFG-002 didn’t have a BOM, would it make a job for MFG-001, knowing it would get MFG-002 out of it?

And if MFG-002 did have the BOM (with MFG-001 as a co-part), would MRP just make a job for MFG-002?

Haven’t tested, but I would imagine that if there is any demand for either MFG-002 or MFG-001, you’re going to be told to buy PUR-001, and run as many of those as you need to get the correct number of end items.

Hope that they are used in proportional quantities!

Thanks so much! If I’m following with the copart idea, we can achieve the two following steps.

1.) PUR-001 are received and stocked in inventory
2.) A job for sellablePN-001 would
-Pull 1 @ PUR-001 from inventory
-Create 1 @ MFG-001 and 1 @ MFG-002
-Could it also consume 1 @ MFG-001 and 1 @ MFG-002

I’m not sure if 1 job could create and consume an MFG-001 and a MFG-002.

Definitely pay close attention to your costs when you test. We have lot of issues with co-parts and costs, but we take 1 part and make numerous co-parts.

Do we have to buy a module to use CoParts?

Where I used to work, we had a “Box” that we sold. (lets call that “Box1”)… We found that we could purchase the box, but it had a “Terminal Block” attached to it (lets call this TB1). Box1 didn’t need the terminal block, BUT, we needed TB1 for another product. Soo… we created three parts:

  1. BOX1 - the sellable part (this had additional manufacturing on it as well)
  2. TB1 - the terminal block
  3. BOX2 - the PURCHASED PART that included the terminal block.

we would sell BOX1… this would create a JOB for BOX1. the BOM for BOX1 called out a BOX2 on the BOM. the Material Detail tab in engineering workbench we entered the SALVAGE part number of TB1. The result was a purchase order demand for BOX2… a job for BOX1, and when we finished the operation to cut off TB1, we “Salvaged” the part from the job. This is easier than coparts, because… well… it just is.