Reducing db size after change log purge

We’ve purged 18M records from our change logs in 10.2 Pilot - from 33M to 15M rows (55% shrink). Looking in SQL, the data space shrunk from 22GB to 14GB (36% shrink), and the index space grew slightly (5.3 GB to 5.7 GB).

Is there something we should be doing after the purge to recognize removing all those rows?

Our SQL settings are per Epicor and the PDT.

If I needed to shrink anything, I would be only wanting to shrink the log file, leave the DB alone, shrinking can cause index/file fragmentation, which will affect performance.

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Brandon - Thanks. After reading more about shrinks and fragmentation (and index rebuilds causing it to grow even larger than before), we’re leaving it alone.

There’s bugs with the db purge function in 10.0.700.4, and Epicor is no longer supporting that with a data fix, so we’re out of luck until we upgrade. We’re testing 10.2.200 now, and plan on going live in November.