Refresh a Language Translation Change

In the past I have been able to limit the number of values in the Freight Terms screen by using Language Translation and removing values from the list. I have now had a request to change the work FOB to Incoterm(s) company wide. There are roughly 20+ translations that use the word FOB in them, so I was hoping to simply translate it to Incoterm(s). However, I have made the change, logged out and re-logged in, but nothing changed. What did I do different before that made it stick?
Note they only have “ENU” as an available language.

Perhaps clear local cache? C:\ProgramData\Epicor or make sure that the Client Directory (where Epicor.exe) has proper permissions to write?

Thanks! I am following the same process @Rich describes. However, despite the save appearing to do something, it does not. So I am on the right track, but it doesn’t save my changes.