Refresh Kinetic Dashboard after Custom Action

I have a kinetic dashboard with a grid displaying the rows from my UBAQ. I can use the checkboxes in the grid to select a few rows from my UBAQ, and then choose to run a custom action created in the UBAQ.

The custom action runs ok, but I need to update/refresh the grid view after the action is complete.

How can I tell kinetic to refresh my grid view after executing a custom action? I think it has to do with the events in application studio, but it is not exactly clear.
Thanks for your time!

Hi Nate
Did you get anywhere with this? I’m keen on understanding the new Kinetic way of thinking!


I did not. I submitted a ticket to epicor support. I submitted it on 10/19 and they are still holding it. If you figure anything out let us all know! I will post back here if I ever get a solution.