Refresh PartBin QOH from PartTran

Just to be clear … running the “Refresh PartBin QOH …” process (in “Report and Update” mode), will only change the QOH’s of the partbin records, AND NOT create any GL transactions.

That Correct?



Keep in mind depending on how much transaction history you have it may take awhile. Also you might want to run a Stock Status Report before and afterwards so you understand what changed. If you’ve never ran this before, it will fix a lot of things, which might end up with inventory balances you wouldn’t expect.
I would recommend that you run the ‘Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations’ to ensure all other related records are in sync with the PartBin.

But neither process will create any transactions at all.
However the Stock Status balance (qty and value) may change, but the Inv-WIP Recon should not show any additional transactions to be booked when you run the capture.


Also, if you run them wide open (no filters) you might get unexpected consequences. At one of my old positions we did this and it caused all sorts of Material Queue issues. It is Epicor’s recommendation that you run it a part or a handful of parts at a time.


I have run this before. Just wanted to double check before I told Accounting that the process wouldn’t create any GL trans. And I did tell them that Qty Adj’s might be required to get the displayed QOH to match the physical QOH (which would create GL Trans).

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It came back with just 2 parts that would be updated. So I’d use the Filter to run it on just those two.

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We accidentally ran it wide open in November (in Production!), and it was a nightmare. Something hadn’t been run back in 2007 when it should have been, so it corrected it, causing something in the neighborhood of a $60M inventory discrepancy. Took months to correct. I’m about to run it again - part specific and in Pilot - and have my fingers crossed!


Good luck!!

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Thank you!!

Let me guess … Your accountants use the Stock Status report to Reconcile the inventory GL?

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Do you work here?!?! :slight_smile:

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We compare stock status to the GL at end of the month. They’re usually close but not the same. I had a ticket with Epicor when they were way off and they basically said, dont compare the two. I’m not an accountant, but that’s what we continue to do anyways.

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The biggest source of difference, is that SSR uses the current cost, not the costs on the date you enter when running SSR. If you use AVG or LAST cost methods, I would find it nearly impossible that SSR and the GL would ever reconcile.

Another source for differences, is that a part transaction that was back dated into a closed period, will still show on SSR. While the actual GL tran would be in the current open period.

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By chance does anyone know where the query is for the Report that produces the log file after this is run in Report or Report & Update mode? I searched in BAQ for Refresh or PartTran in description and nothing appears.

I ran the report only option and there are over 55K parts that were returned. Finance would like to see the last Transaction date as they believe there were GL JEs already done in the past for many of these so they would like to focus on the more recent ones to clean up. I already did 3 in the last 3 days as they are preparing for the YE Physical the planners are starting to point out what should be there. I would like to get a shorter list.

Thanks Bill

I’m pretty sure the “report” is just a text file created by the process that recalcs the bin’s QOH.

Also, the process shouldn’t affect the GL. I’m guess your accounting department committed the very common sin of trying to reconcile the Inv GL acct to the Stock Status Report. There should never be any JE’s to the system accts like inventory and WIP

Thanks. Yes I agree however they were doing I guess for years before the current Controller took over about 2 years ago so trying to see where the “Real” variances are as we approach the end of year Physical which will get correct counts, however if the On Hand Qty is not correctly updated they may then get messages to order or push out. Concern is also to determine what is causing all these values to not be updated.

I will submit case to Epicor to see if they can provide more details and help find the cause.

I’m pretty sure that processing the Refresh PartBin QOH will have no affect on the GL. All it is doing is going through all the part transactions for the part and bin, and summing up all the transactions. At most it is going to do is make your Stock Status Report change.

Why does everyone do that?
It’s quite unreliable.

Anymore, for most of my clients I recommend they run these right before Month End each month so if there are potential issues they can resolved.

Yes, neither of these directly cause an GL transaction, nor change.
But they will change the Stock Status report reported values.
Stock Status values come from on hand qty * CURRENT UNIT COST
GL values are incremental per each Capture. If unit costs change between captures during the month Stock Status can only tie to the GL in a window of time after the Capture is ran and before any inventory transcations occur.

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Someone smart on this list actually makes a copy of PartCost and PartBin at the end of every month. (Not me, I said someone smart…)