Remote Assistance Tools

Now that a lot of us are working from home or trying to practice social distancing at work, I was wondering what tools people are using to help users remotely with their computer issues?

Windows 10 offers options like Easy Connect and Quick Assist but I haven’t used these yet. I never really had the need (since LogMeIn stopped being Free) till now…

I hope this will work with our Citrix Users too but we need to do some testing with it. I think we might put a shortcut to it on the Citrix User’s Desktops so they don’t have to go searching for it.

Does anyone have any better ideas on how to assist users remotely? Thank you!

If you use the Chrome browser (I think it will work with CrEdge too but you get a warning) and have a Google login, there’s

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I have been using Microsoft Teams to help users remotely. It works great!


We run into issues using Teams if the end user is not a local admin. If you need to do anything that prompts UAC you can’t see it. How do others get around that?

I read once that if you log into Teams using the Web interface first then it prevents this on the Teams Client. Might be worth a shot.

Ah… I’ll have to try that. Everyone of course has the local client. That would be a simple workaround.

@Mark_Wonsil Interesting - have not tried that but think that will be blacked out as well.

We have elevated support accounts that when interacting with end-users we can provide them the credentials to elevate, and the account stays disabled otherwise. Works good if the end user stays around the computer.

I would make sure you make your voice heard for this enhancement. The more votes the better the chance.


Do you change the password after each use? And just enable when you’re on the phone for remote support or something?

Yes - with a PS script. There is also a script that monitors these accounts to make sure they are not left open. Provides a level of security of not using your own elevated account for access as well.

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What do people do for others who don’t have speakers and a Microphone? I am using WebEx because it offers dail-in numbers. I would happly switch to Teams if it were easy for the client.

Teams has dial-in numbers just like Webex

Isn’t it an add-on?

Yes - everything Microsoft is an add-on :slight_smile: You get these with the audio conference option in Teams. Unless you are an E5 Office 365 client

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Gave them a headset when we sent them home. Or they used their own from a cell phone or something.

Last time I tried to get the Audio Conference numbers for Skype, they never showed up, I couldn’t get support to help, and wasted the money. I would be willing to try again though.
I don’t like WebEx because if it is running, it is using my mic. Even when I’m not on a call…

My laptop’s microphone doesn’t work so I just use the chat function. Not the best situation but it does work well.

I HATE that about WebEx. Whenever I get off a WebEx call I make sure to end the WebEx task. Cisco doesn’t need to listen all day.

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We use GoToAssist and run the connection as a service on the computer. We have access to the UAC this way.

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That’s pretty pricey isn’t it?

Zoho Assist is the best one that I have found. I just use the free tier but I think it’s only $8 per tech per month for the full professional version. They also have a ticketing system as well because you really need that too.

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