Remove New (+) button from pages

How do I remove/Disable this new button form the screen?? . Please see image-

This one drove me crazy on a UD screen that I was making.
I had to first create the New tool in the DataView, and then Hide it:

For the Sales Orders screen you will probably need to update the OrderHed DataView.

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Thanks @jwphillips for taking the time to reply . Much appreciated.

Yes I have tried adding the New tool and making it hidden in the OrderHed DataView.

this has the similar solution - Kinetic Custom Layer - Remove New/Delete from panel card grid - #12 by hmwillett

But I think that only works for UD screens.

I needed the readonly version of sales order entry. and the Add (+) button was in the way of that.

So what I did was, made the screen readonly when I added the screen to a menu item by checking the tick here in the image

. And that made the whole screen readonly and got rid of the add button and other buttons that might edit the screen


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