Remove Time and Date From MRP Log Files

I am looking to remove the date-timestamp from the log files created by Epicor Kinetic, and simply just overwrite the same file over and over each time it runs. Is this possible without getting Epicor involved?

This is what you want to change in your MRP settings. Yours is setup as Split. Do you know how to get there?

Mine is actually set to Overwrite. Settings below!

Is that for a new Process MRP or in the task settings of the already scheduled task?

Apologies, this is a new Process MRP. Everything is the same (I just submitted it this morning) except the Log name is now “MRP_LatestLogFile”. All of our MRP runs have been set to Overwrite however.

Strange. You don’t by chance have multiple MRP tasks scheduled to run? perhaps different sites or times?

Yes! We have two schedules, one for daily (M-Th) MRP runs of Current EOM + 4 Months, and then a Sunday schedule for Current EOM + 9 Months. Both for the same site, as we only have one.