Report Builder doing Incorrect Division in Calculated Field

I have created a BAQ labor report and have added a calculated field for “Rate,” or pieces/hour. Here is my Expression:

My report works fine but I am getting inconsistent behavior from my calculated “rate” field. Sometimes the rate divides Qty/Hrs perfectly…but sometimes the division is off, usually by no more than decimals but I can’t understand why the math is not happening correctly every time. I thought about my grouping, but since the rate is in “Details” on SSRS report, it should be looking at the right numbers. Here is an example of some bad division…

Here are my report groupings:

It probably has to do with rounding. If you extend out the decimals on the hours past 2 digits I bet the number is something like 0.8344971 or whatever. Set that field to round so that it is only 2 digits and I would bet that your variance would go away.