Report stuck in run immediately in task agent

For some reason this happens every once in a while. If I restart the task agent the report goes through with no issues but its almost as if the task agent is getting hung up or something. Has anyone else experienced this? I am on version 10.1.400.10

We have had that issue since initial release all the way up to 10.1.500.11, what i have done is put a scheduled task on the app server to periodically restart the task agent service.

Also, look in the event viewer under the ICE task agent and see if any connection/timeout errors are occurring. If they are, right click one and add a task to the event to restart the task agent service when it happens.

It’s much much less these days, but resetting the Task Agent every so
often is a task we’ve had to do since Epicor 8.0 (Vantage 8) days. It’s a
time honored tradition. :wink:

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