Report Styles are missing after upgrade to Kinetic

Upgraded from 10.2 to Kinetic 2023.1.6, the Report Styles for custom reports are missing and the drop-down list is empty. When you open Report Styles the report style is listed there.

I found some old post about this problem but nothing recent.

First thing I’d check is the report paths. Did your report server paths change?

In Company Maintenance > Reporting, check your ‘Allowed Report’ style dropdown selection. Make sure the option is set to allow whichever report style(s) you use.

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If your report paths changed, what do you do to fix it?

We saw the same behavior finally realized that the Valid checkbox had been cleared for all report styles on custom reports. Checking the style as valid for the company made it show up in the dropdown again.

The valid path also doesn’t come over when you load reports using the Solution Manager. Just went live and took all our custom elements, including new Report Styles to our LIVE system with the Solution Manager. I had a dashboard showing me all non-System Report Styles as one of my post-upgrade tasks was to click Valid and Default on a lot of report styles.