Report Styles with multiple Print Programs (aka Report Locations)

The ARForm report (for printing invoices) has two “PrintProgram” listed (a comma separates them).

(FWIW - The field is labeled “Report Location” on the Styles\Style Detail tab, and “PrintProgram” in the grid on the Styles\Style List tab)

How to determine what the second report is for?

The PackSlip has two, but that’s because one is for the pack slip and the other for labels. Which is a choice when printing a packer:

Is the second ever used within the first? How would I know if I need to make a custom version of the second listed report?

The “PB” stands for Project Billing. If you do not have the Project Module, then you won’t use the ARPBForm.


Just a SWAG but maybe a different form for Progress Billing?

Thanks all -

BTW - What is the “S” in SWAG? (I assume the WAG is “Wild As Guess”)

Yes, Project Billing is better. Progress Billing is a subset of Project Billing. Good call @bmgarver



I always thought it was “Scientific”.

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Im trying to perform 2 print actions on Break/Routing in Report Style Maintenance. I am breaking on company, then print preview so the PO can be saved and also send it to a separate printer that is currently set up to hold the print until the user goes to the printer and picks it up.

I can select “print preview” when I go to print the po and it does send it to the correct printer based on user so it will hold the print, but the print preview does not show up in pdf form so I can save it at the same time.

Any suggestions.

A break routing will ignore the user selected “ouput” (Print, Preview, Email, etc…), and do the output selected by the widget. The exception being, when the “User Action” widget is used.

Place a Print Preview widget between “Condition 1” and “Print 1”.

Also, pretty sure you need a Break Widget.

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Thanks! I added the break on company, added print preview but it wont let me link preview 2 to Print 1. Would I need to add another condition ??

After your condition you should be able to add a node that has multiple outputs (like filter or break) and send it to both print and preview.



What Carson said.

Thanks! that did the trick!