Report Stype table Ice.ReportStype

We have been doing conversions & merging of our companies from E9 to E10. I’ve noticed several Ice tables that have Company fields but they aren’t populated. Since we are merging companies, we have some concerns that these tables won’t have the company specified. So the data in the tables won’t be company-specific.

One table in question is the IceReportStype. Why doesn’t Epicor populate the company field in this table? Should we populate prior to merging companies?


You mean “ReportStyle” ??


whoops I confused Company with CompanyList. Updated below to be correct

ReportStyle.CompanyList, is used to specify which companies the style is for (a tilde delimited list).

Being blank is the same as listing all the companies.

So if you had 3 companies (EP03, MC01, and QW99), then
being blank would be the same as “EP03~MC01~QW99~”

if it was “EP03~MC01~”, then only those two companies would see it in the style list.

FWIW - the Company field is blank in all our report styles (even the builtin ones).


Sorry, Yes it supposed to be ReportStyle.

So the Company Field just isn’t used. Now that you explain it, this allows you to share ReportStyles across companies.

Would you happen to know how this works for custom menu items? Our custom menus from one company show up in any new company we create. How do you define a menu so that it’s only visible in one company?


Check out this thread:

I think the consensus was to make company specific Security Groups