Reporting Scrap QTY in MES

I’m in the middle of implementation, and am not finding much help using the “F1-Expert”. I ran through a 23 operation job and wanted to test losing a quantity of 5 parts (out of 150) to scrap due to “manufacturing errors” on Operation 6.

I now cannot complete the job because the exception is “This Job has parts in WIP.” I have received 145 into stock. Does the operator have to scrap that quantity of 5 through each of the rest of the operations of the MOM? Or am I missing a process?

What is the correct process of scrapping parts using MES in the middle of a job?

Our current system removes the 5 from the production quantity and only expects the 145 from that point forward.


End activity in MES

I’ve gone through all 26 steps in the job in MES, starting/stopping setups and activities.

The expected behavior on all the operations past the one where I scrapped the 5 is that entering in 145 for the quantity would complete the next operation. It does not. Does Epicor not know that 5 have been scrapped in the job? Does each end activity have to include the 5 scrapped parts from the 6th operation? If not, how do I complete this job now?

When you end activity, you can check the box that says operation complete. Every business is different, some can be 5 short and that’s fine, others have to make them because the order actually does require it.

You shouldn’t have to complete all of the operations to close the job.

How did you scrap those parts? Did you use non-conformanance or did you just report it as scrap on end activity? If you did non-con you have to do the inspection, and that’s probably what is stopping you from closing the job.


I did mark each operation complete as I went through them.

I did the scrap qty/reason in the MES end activity screen.

Do I now need to retrieve/scrap the 5 that I already “scrapped”?

For some reason the Job still thinks there are quantities that I need to take care of to get them out of WIP.

If you simply reported them as scrap, then you shouldn’t have to do anything else. Just for giggles, can you check you inspection processing to see if there is anything in there?

No, nothing there. I wonder if it is simply something not set up yet. I will have to look into it further.

Have you done the dispositions on the job? Manufacturing Receipts or Customer shipments.

Have you marked the job complete with the completion amount?

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Yes. This was a make to stock order. On each operation I marked it complete, at first I didn’t have to as my qty completed matched the run qty. After the operation where I scrapped 5 out of the 150 I manually had to complete each operation:

I cannot receive any more off of this job. I get the “The Quantity entered exceeds the quantity completed for the job” dialog box, yet I still have WIP on this job. The scrapped quantity does show on the Job Production Detail Report. I’m not sure how to find out (if I can) what the system thinks is stuck in WIP.

you need to run Yield process to change your production quantity from the original quantity to the running quantity, this process will correct your WIP, however as @Banderson and others said if you do not have anything pending in Inspection you can close the job with no problem, and you do not need to do that for each operation.

Note: certain flags need to be ticked at Site, Operation, Job Record to capture the operation scrap.

When you say you have WIP on the job, do you mean WIP demand or Actual WIP?

Does the WIP report have a balance for the job?

Did you mark the job compete and give it a completion qtu?

Charlie Smith

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It’s got actual WIP still tied to it.

I can mark the job itself as complete, but I really wanted to learn what the process is to have the system handle this.

I think I must be missing something in the setup of the system.

I tried the Yield Recalculation and it didn’t affect it.

You can automate the job complete/close and have percentages to allow the procedure to continue, but there will be cases where you have to manually complete and close jobs.

The leftover WIP is because you received 96% of the job and didn’t adjust the prod qty when you encountered the scrap. The remaining WIP will go to the Manufacturing Variance when you close the job. Consider it the cost of quality.

Charlie Smith

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it will correct similar cases in the future if you flag the required tick boxes, i have tested it many times, you just need to flag the yield tick boxes before create scrap transactions

so when you said,

What you really meant was, the auto-close didn’t close the jobs because of the exception?

That’s a very different problem than not being able to click close on the job closing screen.

Yes, sorry. The check box is available, I’m just trying to learn how the system deals with different scenarios.

In Job Tracker what is showing in WIP yet under the Part Locations tab?

Ok. I think this is what I was looking for. I will try again with these options set to see what happens…

History wont be changed, going forward yes, do it in test and see.

try to call the transaction on Job Adjustment screen after ticking these boxes, and resubmit it, then run the Yield process, it might work

Did checking the Yield boxes work for your scenario - we are in testing now and running into the same issues. The thread on epihelp sort of stopped after this last post.