Reports Print Preview- System Monitor (No error)

This may be simple, but I can’t figure out!! Disclaimer :grimacing:

I run print preview for reports, the issue is that my reports will not open, I can restart task agent and no change, but if I go into system monitor and resubmit the report will run to my selected format.
If I restart my Epicor session the reports will run to a print preview, I was searching for the cause of the tasks to stop running, but no errors show and no report doesn’t show in scheduled tasks.

I have had this a few times and can’t seem to figure it out either. I usually just make the user log off and back on then they are fine. Sometimes I wonder if they stay logged in Epicor and never log off.

I thought maybe Epicor had a service installed on the computer and I could resubmit it, but I believe the task agent is net.tcp://epicore/Production101 (excuse the spelling, they named the Epicor server incorrectly before I started :scream_cat:) To me this means it is an IP address that needs to be reloaded by restarting Epicor, but again not sure what triggers the reports to stop in the first place

What version are you on?


We were never on 10.1.400 however check to make sure user has system monitor open. We are experiencing an issue in 10.2.600 where in the sysconfig file the system monitor does not open automatically causing reports to not print/preview until user open the system monitor.

May not be related just throwing it out for something to check.

Nope system monitor is open, a restart does fix it, just seems like a waste of time when most processes on a computer can be submitted and not close a program completely

If one submits a report and then exits the client, It usually pops up the next time the client is launched.
You’re kind of seeing this (without the exiting right after being submitted).

Any chance the Sys Monitor configuration got changed?

The default is:


(use Actions -> Configurations menu to get that dialog)

You can close and reopen system monitor to see if that will fix the issue. I made another menu choice for it where users could get to it and they can launch it and use file exit to close ( the X will just minimize it) then relaunch. I have some vpn users that have issues and this lets them keep their screens open and resume printing.

I also recently made a second app server that processes printing and background tasks to separate them.

We expanded the duration to 30000 in 9 and I think i may have seen a 90000 recommendation in a KB.

The reason from Epicor was if you missed at 16 seconds it would be 45 before it was pulled. I was coming off of telnet that printed in less than 5 seconds, so the users were cranky.

I have NEVER seen this in Epicor.

LOL Not Epicor the telnet system we came from.

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here is the KB. it has it up to 120,000

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I have but only in internal systems or my own local environment, printing an edit list can take a couple of seconds to show the pdf :slight_smile:

I usually have wait several seconds after getting the “Report completed” balloon pop-up, before the PDF even displays.

My configuration matches your settings.

I changed my settings and it worked, I do run into issues with printing at work and on VPN. Hopefully that’s in the past.

Is there a global setting for this because my other co-workers run into this issue and I feel lazy, don’t want to change everyone’s session settings.

It can be specified in the sysconfig file


  • From the client directory start the ConfigEditor.exe, select the NameOfYourEnvironment.sysconfig file from the \client\config folder on the workstation, and then go to the user tab.
  • From the client directory open the \client\config folder, open the NameOfYourEnvironment.sysconfig file, and locate the parameters containing “SystemMonitor”.


  1. Right-click on the Epicor shortcut on the user workstation and select Open File Location.
  2. Open the Config folder.
  3. Create a backup of each .sysconfig file that will be changed.
  4. Open the .sysconfig file for the environment that will be changed in your text editor of choice.
  5. Search for SystemMonitorNonPriorityPoll, SystemMonitorPriorityPoll and SystemMonitorPriorityPollDuration.
  6. Adjust the values as appropriate (see the “WHAT DO THE POLLING PARAMETERS DO” section for recommendations / an explanation of what each parameter does)
  7. Save your changes.
  8. Log out of the Epicor ERP client and back in for the changes to take effect.

I don’t think changing the sysconfig file on the server automatically updates the clients. It’s just used to make the one for the client on the initial install.

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Not without pushing new config files out to everyone. We made a doc to set the Balloon properties so all users would know when they had a report with no records. I would do this the same way and walk them thru it.

On the next upgrade you can set it in the server configsys file and then it will be everywhere.




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