Reschedule out and Reschedule in parameters affect on PO sugestions

Can someone confirm what date on the PO is the delta in and delta out parameters using to create change suggestions.

Also is there a way to set the parameters so that you have change suggestions in the first 5 calendar weeks but they prevent them after that period.

the in-out delta is to eliminate “noise” for minor change suggestions… for example, if your PO is due to arrive on the 15th of the month, and you have reschedule out days set to 7, then reschedule messages for the 16th through the 22nd will be hidden/elimiated since it is just “noise”… same goes for reschedule in messages. Typically I suggest that reschedule out days can be longer since the cost for changing a schedule date could exceed any value for buying something early… but I also like to keep reschedule in messages shorter because this can make you late.

Re your second question, you are actually asking for something that I have not heard of before. Normally people don’t want change suggestions if the part is about to arrive, but, if the part is currently scheduled to arrive 4 months out, but now it should be 3 months out, they normally want to know about that. We don’t have anything built into Kinetic for that, but it would be something you could simply apply a filter to the suggestions to hide anything you don’t want to see.

Thanks Tim for the clarification that the deltas starting from the release due dates.

To clarify my 2 questions the issue is the following example. They buy from China and if they make a mistake of need to push out a order they still have 6 weeks to notify China they want it held. After that no changes can be made as the product is on the water. I pretty much was sure that this could not be done. Technically with what they want the delta would then have to be 0 so they can see the change suggestions. Am I right?


what you are describing is a time fence I believe, but it is in reverse… you specify that the time fence is 6 weeks (today + 42 days). Anything after the time fence is available to be rescheduled, but anything inside the time fence is eliminated from any suggestions.


I have an example of where I expect PO change suggestions to be to cancel all these PO’s and nothing is being generated in the buyer’s workbench telling her that……any clues where the problem is. We have another plant that is generating changes suggestion properly and I haven’t found any setting different yet between the two plants. I purposely went in and 0 out the planning delta’s. Ran MRP for the part and then regen PO suggestions for the part and nothing. We have a full run for both tonight and I plant to look again tomorrow just in case the net change might be the issue since I only ran that one part.

I can try playing around with that but they use days of supply and it doesn’t always play nice with the time fence.

we would love to know about any specific issues you can document about how it doesn’t play nice… if you have a sample case, please turn it into a case with support.

Will do! We managed to prevent them currently but may be able to repeat a case as we continue with maintaining changes to them as we tweak them.