Resize layouts in App Studio?

I have noticed that sometimes I can resize elements, sometimes a “Full Screen” button appears, but oftentimes, not.

I have deployed this Dashboard:

And I really want the result set to use the screen. Reckon why the “Flex” options are not there for Height?

Any ideas?

In most cases the below two options are available to be set within the Kinetic Application Studio for panels:


There does still seem to be some inconsistencies with standard forms and layouts but they do seem to have incrementally gotten better of time.

OK, thank you so much, got it, everything has to have “A New Layer” as well I suppose.

Moving the screen bottom around does in fact work now, thank you so much for that.

Except, the data itself does not fill the path. Hm.

PS: ‘Data’ property section, ‘Grid Model’ option, ‘Page Size’.
Scrolling is awful in these Kinetic screens.

PPS: Just Disable the Panel Card, much much less awful.

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