REST API access to PartNum and PartDescription in Same Table?; SaaS Implementation

Hello -

I’m using Excel / PQE to access our Kinetic SaaS implementation. I’ve created a simple query that accesses the PartSvc in order to to get PartNum, PartDescription, TypeCode, and ProdCode. I’ve included $select and $filter parameters to limit the scope of the data. For some reason or another it is taking in excess of 10 minutes to get 4 fields of just the top 1000 of our 26,228 records. Wondering if other have run into the issue? Perhaps it’s due to the very large size / number of fields in the Parts DB? As a reference, here’s the request I’m sending:$filter=ProdCode eq ‘RNB’ and length(PartNum) eq 6&$select=PartNum, PartDescription, TypeCode, ProdCode&$top=1000&api-key=myapikey

Seems pretty straighforward - Am I missing something here? I’ve tried increasing timeout with [Timeout=#duration(0,0,30,0)]… no luck.

I have no trouble collecting all 26K+ records from other, “smaller” SVCs - PartCostSearchSvc, and others. Which, as I alluded to earlier, makes me believe my problem is due to the size of PartsSvc. If this is the case, does anyone know where else in the BO namespace I can find PartNum and PartDescription in the same SVC / table?

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I’d be interested to know if there is something not optimized with your query, or if accessing the BAQsvc is just faster.

I tested your URL in my environment(changing parameters accordingly) It took 30sec for 1k, and 17 minutes for 30k.

During those 17 minutes I made an equivalent BAQ, and accessed it through REST, and it took like 10 seconds to load the 30k rows of data.

We regularly pull large BAQ datasets through REST into PowerBI… I have a BAQ to grab Part Data such as description, item type, group, several attributes, costing facts, supply and demand facts etc. That pulls like 93k rows, and it usually takes 1-2 minutes at most.

This is the URL we use:
No Parameter:{Company}/BaqSvc/{BAQ Name}/Data?api-key={ApiKey}

With Parameter:{Company}/BaqSvc/{BAQName}/Data?{ParameterName}=%27{ParameterValue}%27&api-key={ApiKey}


Thanks Camren! Writing the BAQ and querying that worked perfectly!