Rest API for Epicor Cloud - MOM API for PartMtl

Researching ability to return MOM data from top level PartNum from PartMtl table.
We are researching Cloud API functionality, but currently have SQL based in house hosting of E10.
Using SQL CTE to return MOM to VS 2019 WPF application now.

Does Cloud API support recursion and returning of complete datasets like a MOM?

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You can make a BAQ in epicor and call that from REST. So you can get whatever you want. And yes, BAQ’s can do CTE.

Hi Brandon,
Thank you for your reply.

If I am understanding you we can make a BAQ that returns a MOM and then call that BAQ from Visual Studio 2019 WPF application to return the entire MOM.

BAQs in Epicor turn into SQL… IF you search entries in this forum, you will find CTE discussed and multiple discussions on how to make an exploded BOM. The steps are to 1. create the CTE subquery, 2. Create a UnionAll subquery, 3. then a TOP Query that uses the CTE as the source.

Thank you we currently use SQL CTE in a stored procedure to return a MOM from Partmtl. The client is not a BAQ but a Visual Studio win app - WPF technology.

In the future, if the company moves to Cloud API instead of SQL based E10, we want to call an API for a MOM from top level p/n. Sounds like we will be able to call a BAQ to do this with Cloud API, instead of our SQL CTE function, We have a few external apps that we use for reporting that are WFP based.

I gather from what you are saying we can make a CTE type BAQ.
Thanks for your input.

Yes, as long as you can make a REST call, you can make the call from you application. This nuget that Jose and Josh put together is a great tool to make it easier.

Link is not working but that is ok as we are researching.
Thanks guys!

I updated the link. You can search for it in Visual studio and it comes up.