REST Function not working after database restore?

We are just starting to use REST calls, in this case a call to a REST function that runs the AP Invoice Post process. After creating it in Pilot, I was able to run the function just fine through Swagger, but then we had to restore our Pilot database from a production backup, which didn’t have the function. I re-imported the function library to the restored database expecting it to work, also created a new API Key to use with it. However, I get a Win32 exception when trying to call it, and the function doesn’t show up in the V2 Help page. Is there something I’m missing in setup of the Pilot database after restore, or just a glitch where I need to delete the function library and re-import it? I’ve attached the function export file as well.
PostAPInvoice_Pilot.efxb (49.3 KB)

Check and see if it’s promoted.

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Shows promoted when I checked. I just noticed the “For Internal use only” box is checked on the library, however I’m making the call from a C# program and the box is grayed out. How can I get the box cleared? I just tried deleting the library and re-importing it, still grayed out.

Check the security tab for authorized companies.

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I think I just figured out the checkbox problem… I hadn’t changed my security groups in Pilot to include the Function Developer and Function Power Developer groups. Just did that and I can turn the internal use box off. :upside_down_face:

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You have to demote to change that box.

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