Retail Delivery Fee virus spreading to Minnesota?

It was only a matter of time until the above-referenced virus would spread to somewhere else!


It’s never enough: MN lawmakers propose 40-cent retail delivery tax

Revenue projections for the proposal

We still haven’t found a good solution for CO, now we will have to potentially worry about MN too?

Park across the street, deliver by dolly?

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I really don’t understand why they need to invent a new tax, isn’t this fully covered by gas tax, sales tax, vehicle taxes and registration, and tolls? The more complicated the system, the easier to game, the harder to enforce, and the harder it is for decent people to follow and implement. Ugh. :face_vomiting:

Each tax is targeted slightly differently. Gas taxes, tolls, and these delivery taxes are meant to tax people in proportion to their use of roadways. Someone occasionally using the Civic is going to cause less wear and tear than a semi clocking a million miles a year. Thus why tolls are often per-axel and why it’s an “intended feature” that these things hit bigger vehicles and high mileage users harder.

A delivery tax would, in theory, encourage people to place fewer, larger orders which would lead to fewer delivery trips, fewer truck miles, less traffic, less road wear, etc. It would also apply if the delivery vehicle doesn’t run on dinosaurs, which is increasingly a thing.

That last part is why this was introduced right now and why it (or something like it) will become more common in the future. Gas taxes are, effectively, being phased out as the government incentivizes the phase out of gasoline engines. Automobiles are not being phased out, nor are roads. So you still want a usage tax to fund roadways. This is a stab at that. I’m not going to write an opinion piece on whether or not this is a good idea. I’m just stating the facts as how such ideas are incubated.

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FYI, Avalara blog post regarding the Minnesota variant of RDF.

Read to the end to see the latest news that the Colorado General Assembly is considering two measures that would alter or eliminate its retail delivery fee!

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