Retort (Emotions) now merged into Like

We did an upgrade over the weekend that made “Retort” part of the core discourse platform so now you can like (as always) or you can hover over the like (heart) to Emote in other ways.

PS: If there are additional emotions you’d like to be able to convey let me know we can add a few more. I asked for :fu: but I was outvoted :joy:



Can you add multiple emotes or only one?

We’re missing the ever important :poop: emoji

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Looks like only one.

May I suggest: :tada: It’s a helpful one in my Slack chats.

uh how am I supposed to engage in scholarly discourse without a peach and an eggplant?

Yeah well… we are trying to “mature” a bit. I left you the poop emoji, the throw up, and the rain drops #MakeDo :rofl::rofl::rofl:

awe, broken hearted @Aaron_Moreng can’t have that. Fine you can have the eggplant and the peach

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Hooray!! :joy:

By one vote?

Don’t want to clutter it (18 already!), can we have the :thinking: icon if there is room?


gee whiz, in your organization do you never use :bus:

Part of our culture is either throwing people under one, or calling out those who do

there goes the neighbourhood