Reverse prepayment

We are wondering how to unapply a customer prepayment that was previously applied to an invoice. We need the prepayment to return to our prepaid liability account and the invoice opened so that we can apply the credit memo to it.

(Looking for a function similar to the “reverse cash receipt” functionality but for the prepayment that was applied).

Hi, Did you find a solution to this?

No we did not. It has been a while but I think what they ended up doing was applying another transaction against the pre-payment to wash it.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback

Hi Everyone,
As an update for future people looking for answers regarding AP Prepayment wrongly apply.
Epicor 10.2.600.11 about to become 700
Now Epicor has an option on AP (Financial Mgt>General Ops>) call Void Prepayment Entry.

Just be sure to know exactly the Prepayment you are about to undo.

The whole idea is to avoid a GL Reverse Transaction, in my case, I have noticed there are consequences on related transactions that may exist when proceeding directly through Journal.

Best Regards.
Mario Mancilla
IT/VC Manager