Revision control and inventory reporting


We have historically created a new partnum for each revision change, which has many drawbacks when it comes to reporting. During our transition to 10, the plan was to stop creating new parts and simply create new revisions.

We have hit a roadblock as it seems Epicor does not respect revision differences for on hand stock…is this the case? We often have multiple revisions concurrently existing on top level parts but Epicor lumps them all together, which seems to defeat the purpose of revisioning…

I found a few threads here discussing this, so I know we aren’t the only ones looking for a better solution. Has Epicor made any progress on this front?

That is correct. A quick and dirty work around would be to use Lot Control, with the Lot Number indicating the revision.


Thanks for confirming, Calvin.

What about if the part is serial tracked? Is there somewhere that keeps track of a serial tracked parts revision?
Can we lot and serial track parts now?

Thanks in advance

We’re moving forward with this solution very soon for our parts.

We have over complicated things with parts, in my opinion, all around this fear of “not being able to see revs in inventory” and “being able to track build changes”. If you look at how Epicor treats parts, a revision to a part is telling the system that your final product is the same as a different revision of the same part from a Form/Fit/Function perspective. You may use slightly different products to get there, or different mfg processes to do it, but in the end the product is the same. If you have good behaviors on knowing when something is Use As Is when a change is being made, then you can avoid the issue we have where we have many different part numbers that are all for the same product.

You can always see what Rev was used to make the product by going to the Job that produced it. This can be found within the Transactions tab in Serial Number Tracker, or Lot Tracker for parts that are only Lot Tracked.

And yes, we will be using Serial Tracking AND Lot Tracking for some parts, only Lot Tracking for others.