RFID Tag Creation and Data Retrieval

We are in the process of purchasing a manufactured item from another company, along with the customers of the item. The current process creates a RFID tag, from SAP data, using Zebra printers.
We are just learning of the process from the other company, so we don’t have any documentation on what data they are currently writing to the tags for their customers.

Has anyone created a process (or purchased a process) which interfaces with Epicor and prints RFID tags? If so, can you let me know the company you worked with and how long the process took? What equipment you are using (make & model) to create the tags and also read back the tag data?
This is new to us, so I am looking for information to help me understand/map their process to what Epicor can do.
Does Epicor have an agreement with a 3rd-party that seamlessly integrates the ability to create and read the tags? I believe all of the required data is within Epicor, but I will not be 100% certain until we learn what the customers are expecting. We need to be able to read the tags, created in past years by the other company as the items can be repaired, so reading the tag will simplify the data entry requirements into Epicor when the items are returned to us for repair.
Thank you.

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I’ve heard good things about this:

Also, Bartender supports RFID Printing and Epicor “supports” Bartender…