Right Click Opens Instead of Save Favorite?

Hi everyone,
One of my users can’t right click on menu items to add them to his favorites. Instead of a menu pop-up, right click is causing his programs to open, just like left click would.

I checked other places in Epicor and his computer. So I know the mouse is working fine, and the right click function is working fine. He can even use right click to open with various forms in Epicor. But from the main menu (tree view) he can’t right click to save a favorite.

I found this outside of epiusers, but it is from a decade ago.
Is There a Setting in Epicor That Would Make a Right-click Act Like a Normal Click? - Enterprise Software (spiceworks.com)
Is this still relevant? Has anyone experienced this recently?

Can confirm that this link is the answer. Simply click View > turn off Full Tree. Then you can right click and add to favorites. This is one reason I am looking forward to forcing everyone to Kinetic. At least they will all have the same interface then. We must have 3 or 4 different interfaces that folks use between classic, kinetic, modern, web… This user was in an old classic view for reference.