RMA salvage lower level serialized part

Hello there,

I am trying to return a lower level serialized part back into stock from an RMA.

We have serialized assemblies that come back under an RMA which we disposition and reassign the serial numbers to a rework job that is customized based on the rework that is needed.

We successfully use this method to salvage any non-serialized parts off of the assembly from that rework job: https://www.epiusers.help/t/provide-ability-for-disassembly/54409

Is there a way to salvage a serialized lower level part off of an assembly? When trying to use the “job receipt to salvage” application it doesn’t find the matched SNs for that assembly, it only allows to create a new SN off of a salvaged part. This isn’t helpful as we would like to return the original SN of the lower level consumed part in order to DMR it back to a supplier.

Any help is appreciated,

Having had the same problem recently, I discovered (at least on 10.2.500) you can go into Serial Number Maintenance, find the Serial Number you wish to mess with and change the Status field to “Shipped”. Once that is done, you will be able to reassign the serial number.

This should work if I want to quantity adjust the part back into stock, but it doesn’t remove the cost of the part. I was looking for a clean way to remove the serialized part from the assembly and to replace it with another serial number, but to not change the cost of the overall assembly and to only account for the rework time of fixing the assembly.

We’ve been only adding another serialized part to the rework jobs of these assemblies and not removing the cost of the defective part. I believe this increases the avg cost of all of our assemblies, but I’m unsure of the correct process here. I haven’t found a way to cleanly disassemble parts except for reopening the original WO, which I would rather not have to do.

As I understand it (and I could be wrong), only the final shipped part number has any cost attached when it comes back on RMA… the materials and subassemblies are no longer linked to their “original” cost structures. All the Serial Number Status field change will do is allow you to re-use the serial number… it has nothing at all to do with any costing (again, as far as I understand it).

If that is indeed the case, you’d have to do any cost adjustments manually.

Hi Peter,

Have you tried going into Serial Number maintenance and change the status of it to WIP and provide associated Job no / mtl / seq data? That might free up the SN to allow you to salvage it off the job for the part no. I have never seen messing with SN cause any cost or inventory adjustments. The part number on / off job, shipped out, received back in via RMA, they all impact accounting, but not serial number acrobatics.


I tried every status in Serial Maintenance but it seems the Job Receipt to Salvage only wants to create new SNs not adjust previously added ones.

However I found that I can do a ‘Return Miscellaneous Material’ if I set the status of a serialized part to “Misc-Issue”, and it lets me put that part back into stock. Unfortunately, it seems that this transaction does not involve costs and so it’s basically the same as doing a Qty adjustment, just tied to the job.

Thanks for the ideas, i’m going have a chat with our finance dept. and see whether there is a proper way of accounting this, and whether a manual cost adjustment will have to be done every time we replace a serialized part on a RMA assembly.