Salary number for someone knowledgeable in epicor

For my client, I’m wondering what would be a good salary number for someone that is knowledgable in Kinect/Epicor. In the Midwest area. They wouldn’t be doing Epicor full time, some IT stuff, but mostly Epicor customizations and fixes.

$80K? $100K?

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I think a lot will depend on the ‘IT Stuff’ but when recruiters contact me the salary ranges are usually $100K-$120K (Also in the Midwest).

Okay that’s what I was thinking. They were thinking closer to $80-90K but I figure it’s not everyday you run into Epicor knowledgable people.

Our IT manager and Desktop Support guy both left this spring and have yet to be replaced. Me and our web developer are the whole IT department now. Don’t do this to your Epicor guy! I’m losing it over here.

Hope they are paying you their salary :crossed_fingers: if not they should be

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How “knowledgeable “ is really the question and how much is that person going to be doing outside of Epicor

Because an Epicor developer is one thing but a whole IT department in a single person that’s worth a heck of a lot more


If not, there are plenty of remote positions that beat any of the numbers in this thread by 20-30%