Sales kits

Is there an easy way to see possible kit quantities from your on hand part components? Is there any table in Epicor that holds this information?

Hi Dan,

Are you looking for ability to do this when in a sales order?
The Kit detail tab shows on hand and available fields. If not in the list view for the Kits by default, it’s probably available to unhide in the column collection.

Another option is an embedded dashboard with parts availability data in the sales order. We made one of those to help evaluate our varying plants parts on hand for the kit components as well as other normal part lines.


More looking to create a BAQ of number of kits that CAN be created. So kit 1 can be made 50 times and kit 2 can be made 20 times with the individual parts we have on hand.

Hi Dan,

The Availability report (i.e., out of box sort of ugly imo) may be used to enter a KIT part number and quantity and review availability of components in various warehouses/sites. Looking at the data underneath might be helpful to creation of a dashboard.

Also, there’s an option to run exceptions only.
The report is under prod mgmt / engineering / reports.


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That will get me started.