Sample of Time Phase Report Vantage 6.1

Hi group, can anyone be kind enough to post a sample of their Time
Phased Material Requirements Report after running MRP for me?

I noticed that after running MRP, the Time Phased Report will not show
the Suggested Order Date, with the Suggestion button ticked.

If I remove the suggestion button, the suggested order date would be
shown. but my Balance will be -ve because there's no Pending Receipts
available in such a case.

I've posted three screenshot in the _Misc folder, can someone take a
look, and if possible share their own Time Phased report with me?

In my tests, I've also noticed that if I create a manual job, the
Suggested Order Date AFTER this manually created job will be shown!
Refer to TimePhase-SomeHaveOrderDates.jpg

However, the moment I run MRP again, then the dates will be gone too.

In my previous encounter with this problem, running Global finite
scheduling seems to help a bit, but it doesn't work now, and I'm not
sure on what else I can do to fix this issue for good.

Is everyone experiencing this too? is it normal?

Thanks a lot.