Samples - how to get cost to expense, not COGS

This topic was raised in 2011 (Trapping COGS for samples given away - Yahoo Archive - Epicor User Help Forum) but I could not figure out how to re-open to ask questions related to 10.1.500.

We currently run samples through our sales front end, setting the price to 0. Because it’s going through the sales process, the cost side goes to COGS. Then we have to spend some time trying to isolate them and move them to expense.

In the 2011 post, someone mentioned changing the product group on the Sales Order line. Is this still possible? If so, how / where can we do it? This would be ideals as we can then set up the correct GL coding for that group.

However, we don’t want the change to extend any further than the transaction (i.e., we do not want to change the product group for real)


This is resolved. I somehow missed the Group field in the middle bottom of the line tab (just below Sales Category). Changing the product group does change the GL (assuming it’s different) which means we can set up product groups for Samples, Warranty work, etc. and classify the expense at the time of order entry rather than sorting it out at month-end.

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