Scan Qty of Job Opeartion

My boss wants to do something a little fun. Basically, he wants to only have to scan to get everything put into Epicor.

Issue: Most of our jobs in one of our departments literally only takes a few minutes each, and it takes longer to start activity, end activity, put in the numbers, etc than it does to dot he actual job. What he is wanting to do is be able to scan the qty into the Job and move onto the next.

Setup: Currently our setup is that the “employee” for these departments are tables. So a group of 5 people each work at one table and the table is all that ever clocks in and out, etc.

Does anyone else do something similar? We are currently gathering ideas and then working out a solution.

If you dont need to track actual labor hours on those jobs, Kanban jobs might work for you.

When can I find more about Kanban?

Help has some basic info

Kanban Receipts (Lite Kinetic Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Shop Floor Interface > Home > Kanban Receipts)

Use Kanban receipts to enter production, scrap and non-conformance quantities for an assembly part number. This program allows you to quickly create a job based on a production Kanban generated by the Epicor application.

Note: For more information on the Kanban functionality, review the Kanban Implementation topic in the Application Help.

Based on entered information, the Epicor application generates a job, pulls methods, and backflushes the materials and labor to complete a job. This program also includes subassemblies that use bills of material (BOMs). It then adds the good quantity to Finished Goods inventory, scraps the scrap pieces, and moves discrepant pieces into Quality Assurance (QA) inspection. If no pieces are discrepant, the application closes the job.

Kanban Receipts also handles processing of lower level lot tracked component and phantom BOM parts. The top level assembly parts themselves can be non-tracked, lot tracked or serial number tracked.

  • If the top level assembly contains a bill of materials with one of more lot tracked components, a Lower Level Job Materials window displays after you click Update in Kanban Receipts.
  • Lower Level Job Materials prompts for entry of lot numbers for each of the lot tracked components. If the specified lot does not have enough quantity to fulfill the required Kanban quantity, you must enter multiple lot numbers to cover the requirement.

Note: If the method of manufacturing defined for the specified assembly part contains lower level components (materials or subassemblies) that are flagged as serial tracked, Kanban Receipts does not create a job or material transactions for that assembly. If one of the components is a serial tracked, a message displays stating that the top level assembly part itself cannot be used in Kanban receipt processing.

Note: An error message appears if you attempt to enter an assembly part number designated as a Pull as Assembly item in the Engineering Workbench > Method of Manufacturing > Materials sheet. This processing restriction applies regardless of the type of components (normal, lot tracked or serial tracked) associated with it.


The Kanban Receipts program will automatically generate, complete, and close a job for manufactured parts in Part Maintenance, under the following conditions:

  • It must own a valid revision.
  • It must include a valid method of manufacture with at least operation and material.

Note: Parts used in Kanban Receipts can be Serial Number and Lot tracked.

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