Scheduled Function Runs Every 2 Minutes

I created an Epicor function that I want to run once every weeknight. I created a new schedule named “Nightly11” which is scheduled as a Daily schedule and runs M-F.

I submitted the task to run on the new schedule and checked the box for recurring. For some reason, it runs every two minutes until 12:01 AM.

12:01AM is coincidentally when the next recurring schedule runs. I have tried recreating the schedule and restarting task agent but the results are the same. We are on 2022.1.22. I’d like to use the system agent but I guess I could convert it to get called via windows task scheduler… Has anyone seen this behavior before or any advice?

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What are the settings in your SYstem Agent Schedule (for this task)

Are you sure you selected the right “schedule” when you scheduled it?

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Ensure running absolute latest version of task agent you can. There is a bug with timezoning that can cause this.

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@josecgomez Thanks for the quick response! I’ve verified that the function call is on the correct schedule

Unfortunately I’m not able to view the task parameters in classic due to a missing DLL and when I choose them in Kinetic, nothing happens. Maybe that is by design since there are no input parameters to the function.

@jgiese.wci Thanks for the linkI did not see that before posting this. I’ll take a look at that

I really hope they fix that soon it’s annoying.


Agreed but I won’t hold my breath on that one. Does it work in Kinetic?


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I believe this was fixed. BUT, any pre-existing tasks have the incorrect URL/DLL info stored.

Try removing the task from the schedule and re-adding it. If you’re not sure what parameters it runs with, check the SysTaskParam table first to grab the settings you need.

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