Scheduling and Job Placement

Hello and good morning!

We had an issue with the work queue not showing jobs and got that fixed by assigning Departments to employees. Now the jobs appear but it’s showing jobs for the entire resource groups they select and not individual resources. This is fine. I know if I assigned individual resources to employees and set jobs on those resources it would break them up but this is our problem; we have employees that move from one resource to another pretty frequently.

Is there a way I can assign a resource group to an Employee ID without having to also assign an individual resource within that group to them; allowing them to select which resource they are running within the assigned group they’re in?

Another idea was to setup machines as resource groups with employees as resources on each machine but I don’t think this is a proper solution.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

We found a working solution. We grouped the resource ID inside the work queue menu and now just have the operators expand the list for the machine they’re operating.