Scheduling and Multiple Parts?

Hello all. We are currently still in the implementation planning
phase and I am looking for some guidance.

For background info, we are a metal stamper and injection molder and
use tools (molds and dies) exclusively to manufacture product. Much
of what we produce could be considered make-to-stock while a lot may
be considered make-to-order (very wide ranges of usage).

1. We have several tools that are 'multiple-cavity tools' and produce
2 or more of the same part at a time. How should I go about setting
this up?

For scheduling, I can simply ignore the multiple cavities and double
my pieces/hour as necessary; this will work.

For costing, I assume I need to create a secondary 'duplicate' work-
center that uses split burder? This solution causes capacity
problems when trying to schedule since the 2 work centers are
actually 1 machine.

2. We also have several tools that produce more than 1 distinct part
at a time (i.e 1 of part A and 1 of part B per cycle). The parts are
not sold as a set and are not ordered as a set. Vantage schedules
parts at work centers and would duplicate the orders needed if both
parts are ordered.

This type of tooling also causes inventory nightmares within Vantage
since the users need to know Part B was produced in addition to Part
A and maually move the other into inventory, not just the one
scheduled and produced according to Vantage.

I really hope someone else has been through this and has workable
solutions. I will admit Vantage was not my choice in software but
there are things i do like about it. I just need to make the rest

Any suggestions or is Vantage not a 'good fit' for our environment?


Charles Lacy
Sys Admin

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