Scheduling challenge

We are gravitating towards a finite environment and we have a semi
complex product type here that we want to improve scheduling on. The
unit(s) is typically 3 to 4 levels deep with 100-300 subassemblies all
make direct against the sales order (custom). Most parts start at the
laser. How can we make the most of material utilization because its all
stainless steel (i.e. nesting by material thickness), AND schedule all
our laser operations for this job to start at the same time (or day,
assuming capacity) so we can move this product as a kit throughout the
manufacturing process. I've heard of 'Batch' jobs, and 'Kits'; are
these tools that might help do that? Where do they shine, where do they
suck? Are there others I may be missing? Thanks in advance for your

Rob Bucek

Manufacturing Engineer

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