Scheduling Boards

We use all three scheduling boards (Multi-Resource, Resource, and
Job). We are on SQL and on 8.03.403c.

We are experiencing some serious performance issues with the
scheduling boards.
1. MRSB Lockups - If you open your dates up and have significant
load and move the timebar the MRSB will lockup and you have to CTRL-
ALT-DEL to exit Vantage. We have tested this in a Development
Environment on 404 and appears to be fixed.

2. Move Operation doesn't always honor the placement - If you move
something out or up in the schedule, if Vantage "doesn't agree", it
will push the operation to be months in the future even though there
is plently of open/available time.

3. Substantial wait time for the board to refresh/come-back after a
single (or multiple) move - Simply put, if I move an operation
(operation only) to fill a gap, it can take up to 4 minutes for the
scheduling board to refresh/update. That is in the what-if mode...if
I choose to accept the changes, it is another 2 to 4 minutes for the
one change to apply

4. Move/Queue Time on Scheduling Board when Resources are set to
zero - Move and queue time display on the board even though the
specific resource and resource group are set to zero. Not sure where
it is picking up the bad data???

I have reported all of the above. I believe the first two items
maybe fixed with the 404 Service Pack.

My question is, how many of you have been experiencing similar
performance issues since 8.03.403x?

Patty Buechler
UV Color, Inc.