SCREEN PREVIEW - Interested in your OPINION

For Kinetic 2023.1 there are some changes coming, and we would love to know your opinion… in order to easily display this idea in one place (for EUG and EpiUsers), I have created an Epicor IDEA (note, you may need to zoom into the idea on your browser to see details).
NO NEED TO VOTE on this idea… but feel free to add your COMMENTS to the idea.


Still looking for comments

Even downloading the image from the idea and zooming in, I still can’t see the field labels to understand what was changed.

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@aosemwengie1 Go check again. I added a non-animated version that is static and you should be able to expand it to full screen to see the field names.


Also posted in Ideas: Overall I like it puts the most looked for fields where most people will look. I’m with others that anything to lower the number of clicks, or at least get it on-par with Classic, is very welcome. Number of clicks is one of the biggest complaints I hear from our users and we’re just starting Kinetic conversion. Remember the classic tool bar had more icons than Kinetic.

Thanks for the comments Randy… One of my goals as I approached this was:

  1. interview Customers
  2. interview Professional Service customers
  3. interview other Product management team members
  4. Personal experience

My main approach was to review the “top 20 screens used by every customer every day”. It seemed that the main finding of my research was that people wanted to be able to do more from the keyboard without lots of mouseing and scrolling.

I also wanted to make Kinetic Browser screen BETTER than the old client… Note that in most cases, the order of fields was kept the same as before, but when using the browser, it just looked worse, and exposed some of the bad field sequencing.

SO… in the case demoed on in Epicor Ideas, the former screen in the Smart Client had the same problem as kinetic has. but with the new design, the field order is much better and easier to enter new operations (and materials, etc).

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How do I access this link if not an Epicor employee?

You don’t need to be an epicor employee @Kimberley , however, I believe to need to create a ticket in epic care to add you as a user in the ideas portal. (It’s been a while but I vaguely remember having to do that.)

It’s a wayfinder request

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Ok I can’t find that page Home > Service Catalog… no worries I will just open a ticket.

Just click Wayfinder once you log into EpicCare

Got ya… I was in the wrong place. found it. Thank you.