Script Editor Extremely Slow and Hangs on Clipboard Operations (Paste, Undo...)

Hey @JeffLeBert @pferrington

On Epicor 2023.2 the Script Editor, perhaps other elements, is going into Not Responding and If you paste code it is extremely slow.

As you Paste these Combos update, slowly. It re-evaluates every single pasted line and constantly re-updates these Combos.

I am not sure if its an issue on:

  1. EpiClientLib
  2. CustomCodeEditorLib
  3. Syncfusion

All of those 3 have been Updated, I am not sure if Syncfusion is throwing some Event or they fixed a bug of theirs, so now Epicor is being flooded with LineChanged events or something.

In 2022.2 it stays on InitializeCustomCode or so, but in 2023.2 it loops through every line and the dropdown changes its value many times… The more methods, the slower it is… I mean changing one with 25 methods and you will fall into Not Responding.

Its sluggish in general too. Works fine in 2022.2 and I dont have 2023.1 right now to test.

@pferrington @JeffLeBert @jgiese.wci @josecgomez

Issue Summary

The Issue exists in Ice.Lib.Custom.CodeEditLib.dll in the following classes CodeEditor, BpmCodeEditorBase and CustomCodeEditor in all of their respective constructors.

By default SyncFusion sets EnableMD5 = true and in 2022 and prior there was an if statement to check for FIPS, and if FIPS existed it was set to false. That if statement was removed, so now its always being set to false.


Comment out the EnableMD5 line, or leave EnableMD5 as true. Now the Editors open up like 10x faster and Clipboard operations work fast.



There is another bug as well.

Pasting overwrites existing text, and does not move down.
Pasting inside a single line works correctly.

Both of these issues are killing me.

However, I’m probably about to patch one…lol.

Confirmed that the above fix, fixes that as well… Damn thats bad! If you paste in the middle something, everything below is gone.

I just cant believe its been kaput since 2023 and no one notice. Am I the only one using Paste :smiley:

That is already fixed , you should upgrade more often :smiling_imp:

We just upgraded to 2023.2.14 (Ice: 11.400.14) this morning. Its broken in the latest version too, not fixed. Hmm.

I will tell you exact version on Monday, or you can talk to support :wink:

Kevin is on the latest version too he has issue too…

Ill wait until Monday, dont want to bother the already super-busy support team :expressionless:

Maybe its 2023.2.16 says my contact, who assured me the person who fixed it, knows what they are doing. So that means we wait 3 more weeks. Awesome!

I fixed it, so I know :wink: and it actually was a while ago.
But i am not going to login to my working account during the holiday up until monday to check the versiosn. Sorrry :woman_shrugging:

Alrighty check on Monday and if they added it maybe someone undid it in .14 since I didnt check every .13, .12, .11, .10 release :slight_smile:

Enjoy your Holiday… @jgiese.wci doesnt believe in Holidays here, he even said we upgrade production tomorrow :poop:

You are not the only one but since it is classic I didn’t think it would be worth reporting

I dont think Epicor has given up on classic yet, they are still changing stuff and adding stuff such as a Helper to Track stuff. Many of us plan to be on Classic for a while, I think Josh and I are going to be on several forms on Classic until the very end. It works for us.

FormFunctions.TrackActivity(2, menuItemColumnValue, "Classic", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", str1, session);

Plus Kinetic is still missing for me alot of tooling that made Classic awesome. Like you can literally do whatever you want.

Our MES Replacement with OEE Realtime Data, Paging Buttons etc… Made it simple and large for Operators use it. Josh killed it on this one, then I just made it more dummy proof :wink:

Anyways <3 Classic


I’m of the same opinion. I just can’t do some of the stuff we want to do in Kinetic yet. (At least at my skill level)

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Denk daran, @hkeric.wci… wer rastet, der rostet, also erst die Arbeit, dann das Spiel.

Is that why you are so rusty now @jgiese.wci ?

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Ha funny guy you are. I have exacted my revenge for the low low price of $15 dollars

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Woah that’s awesome. I’ve been dying to implement Grafana for something like this but honestly hadn’t looked into it much. Is that on-prem?

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I got you olga: Problem: PRB0274329 AKA ERPS-239088

Submitted to Dev on November 8th of 2023, Resolved December 22nd 2023 in 2024.1 (11.3.100). An update request was submitted on march 13, 2024 for 2023.2 (11.2.400). That update request is dev done and about 30 seconds away from my clicked Done after reviewing the steps. it will be released in 2023.2.16 (11.2.400.16) I am vague as to the actuall delivery date being a dev focused kind of guy. but I think its on target for a mid to late april release in 2023.2


Yes it is.