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Hello everyone.

I am currently working through a UI customization with the intention of performing data entry on the UD11 table. What I’d like to provide users of this customization is the ability to do a lookup on the NonConf table to pull back related NC field values and maintain them in the UD11 table.

The solution seems to be something that should be addressed via the “Search Wizard”, referencing the NonConf adapter.

I referenced the ICE 3.1 user guide (pages 485-495) to use the Search Wizard instructions therein and everything seems to follow the instructions nicely except, of course, the results :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Here’s the setup:

This loads the NonConf records through the adapter and I can see them all just fine, but when I select one of the non-conformance records, no values are pulled into the two fields I have on the UD form. The two fields on the UD form have EpiBinding properties to ShortChar02 and ShortChar04, as configured with the Search Wizard.

What sorts of areas should I check to troubleshoot this issue (because I’m out of ideas)?

This has now been resolved.

Curious to know what the solution was.

@Hally - I kept running this customization wondering why I couldn’t get any of the values to return back to the UI. Well, embarrassingly, I forgot to select “File > New”, in order to initiate a new record for data entry (yeah, I know… pretty harsh). Instead, I went right to the search button without having a new record available to perform the data input.

So, apparently, there was nothing wrong with the customization – just the person running the customization.

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The ole PEBKAC Issue. Happens to all of at some stage…Hope you got up and walked away for a bit after that. :grinning:

You know… I seem to PEBKAC only when I’m willing to broadcast the embarrassing mishaps in front of the many fine people on this forum. :crazy_face:

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