Security timestamp invalid

So we’ve been getting this error, always at night. I happen to be able to get a screen shot of it because my computer had epicor running on it last night and it has BAQ gadgets that occasionally refresh. When the system is in this state night shift can’t do anything in epicor. Does anyone know what this means or how to fix it? We can see in the server logs that the time stamps are off by like 6 mins or something, but we don’t understand how they could be off, or how they would get back on (because by the time we get here, everything is working).


That means that your Client / Server are “off” by more than 5 minutes.Make sure all your clients use the same NTP server as your AppServers and that they all sync to it on the same schedule. Also make sure that if you use a VM that your Hardware Clock Matches your VM Clock on the server and that the time between your AppServer and your SQL Box (if different) also have the same time NTP


I’ll get with @rapat_mark and we’ll start digging around in the servers. I don’t know anything about NTP servers or how to check the time from the VM and the Hardware…