See who approved PO?

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Pretty basic question but is there a way for users to view who approved a PO?

Just to save me the trouble of making my own functionality?


Purchase Order Tracker > Actions > Change Log Viewer has the approver details as well as any other changes relating to the PO.

Hi Matrix,

Thanks for this. Does the Change Log viewer require any specific setup? In any screen I’m in, it doesn’t seem to load any data.

Yeah you have to set a data directive to add change log entry if I am not mistaken. It is a widget available when you set a data directive on the poheader table.

Setting up change logs is advantageous in that you can see changes to a field, but it can lead to performance degradation should you go crazy with it (from what I have been told).

I haven’t been able to test that statement.


Go to Purchase Order Tracker > Header > Detail tab and look at the buyer in the bottom-right. IF the PO was approved, this is the person that had to do it.


I think if you are an authorized user of the buyer you can approve their POs.

Yes, I just saw that. Hmmmm. I guess my next step would be a BAQ.

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I think this is all I need! So basic and yet I missed it haha thanks!

I may need to look into this, but I think for now @NateS’s suggestion will do!


I have multi level of PO approval where difference buyer have their approval limit.
Is there any way to keep records of the approval by each buyer before the final approval?