Selection Criteria - Vendor ID vs Vendor Number

I created a BAQ but the query doesn’t like to use the Vendor ID. If I change to use Vendor Num then it works. The issue is the Vendor Maintenance and Tracker screens only display the Vendor ID.

Below is my layout.

Thanks in advance.


What is the question?

Hello Dan,

I have the dashboard that only pulls invoices that I have a Purchase Order, but I need to display invoices that do not have a purchase order as well. How to I get both to appear?

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Can you copy and paste the SQL Query phrase generated by the BAQ? I want to be able to see the joins and the criteria you’ve selected.

We are on a different version but i am pretty sure this holds true. Vendor ID is a number the User assigns .
VendorNum is what Epicor uses to make links to other tables


Hello Dan,

Unfortunately, I am running Progress and not SQL. If there is another please let me know.

Thank you.

From your screenshot - looks like you just need to “open” all the joins downstream of the ApInvDtl table.
e,g, change them to “left” or “All rows from…”

Progress or SQL doesnt matter. Epicor uses VendorNum to join the tables

You should have access to the Data Dictionary. The descriptions to the fields are in Italics

VendorNum is an Int
A unique integer assigned by the system to new vendors by the maintenance program. This field is used as the foreign key to identify the vendor in other files such as CheckHed, or POHeader. The end user should never need to know about the value of this field.

VendorID is a nvarChar
A descriptive code assigned by the user to uniquely identify the vendor record. This code must be unique within the file. This ID may be used on displays/reports where space for full name is not available or may be inappropriate. This master key is a little different in that the user can change it. This change is allowed because the system is not using the VendID as a foreign key in any other file. Instead it uses an internal value, VendNum, which cannot be changed, and is assigned by the system, for linking other records to the Vendor.

I hope this clears up the original question.


Thank you Bruce, it works as expected now.