Sending Global Alert Email Messages

I know within Epicor 9, a process (Global Alerts \ Email Process) had to be running at all times in order to automatically send emails from Epicor for the Global Alert messages.
Is there a similar process that must be active within E10 in order for Global Alert messages to be sent via email?
In our testing, we are not receiving any messages through email from Global Alerts. I have verified the information in the Company Maintenance screen with our SA, but cannot find a process to run or that is similar to the E9 Global Alerts \ Email Process.
Or is there a module that we need to have licensed for E10 which we did not need under E9 in order for emails to be sent directly from E10?

You need to set up a data directive on alertqueue. I can document it if someone else doesn’t before me

Are you able to have E10 send emails at all?

Do a test where you print some report, but use the email option:


Then fill in the SSRS Email / Fax dialog


Note that hitting the Enter key while in any field, is the same as clicking the OK button.

If you don’t receive the email, then check the system monitor.

The email icon at the top of the print window is not active, therefore I cannot select it.
This indicates something is not properly configured within our E10 environment.
Where would I look from here?

Sorry, just noticed we have a customized non-SSRS report defaulting for the Stock Status report. Changed the report to the base SSRS report and the email icon activated.


Nathan shared a post previously that shows the BPM Data Directive config required:

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We found that the global alert for operation completed broke back flushing back in 10.1.500. That was fun.

Yes, the test of sending a report via email worked.


The guide has instructions for setting up Global Alerts.

Vinay Kamboj

I’m pretty sure that the consensus is to avoid Global Alerts, and build BPM’s and/or BAQ Reports.


Thanks to all for their input and information. I was not informed/told that a BPM was needed to monitor the AlertQue and how to configure the DD to be able to send the messages from the Global Alerts. Looks like all is working now.
Thank you and to my US respondents, Happy Thanksgiving.

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