Serial Number will not update

Good morning! I have a serial number I am trying to update the status - or anything for that matter - and it will not save. I don’t get an error, though. It just reverts back to the values originally on there. I can’t get it to save.

Any ideas how to proceed? At the end of the day, we had an old job and I’m trying to close it - and I need to set the status to WIP so that I can pick that serial number on the operation and close it. I’ve always been able to do this… not today, though.

What is the current status it is in?

It is in SHIPPED status.

Is it in Shipped because you just added it into the system or because it was actually shipped.

Because it actually shipped. It’s like someone shipped the part, picked that serial number, but somehow never completed the job.

You might have to do an RMA to get it back in to assign it to the job.

Once you jump through all the hoops to fix this particular issue, you may want to consider adding a BPM to prevent shipment from Jobs that are not marked complete, like this thread here:

Thank you. We do actually have such a BPM now. This job pre-dates that BPM though.

I’m beginning to wonder if Epicor changed something in 10.2.300 to prevent the status from being updated manually. Up until somewhat recently, I have always been able to manually change the status to fix a serial number that wasn’t showing up in the right spot. Mostly, it was because someone didn’t do the right transaction at some point and the S/N got stuck. My current situation has a machine that shows on hand, shows in the correct bin location, but the serial number status says SHIPPED… I need it to say INVENTORY. How do I override it?