Series 1 EpiSode 3: Signature Methodology

Epicor is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that can help businesses of all sizes streamline their operations. But implementing an ERP can be tricky! In this EpiSode, @bderuvo and @josecgomez discuss how they use Epicor’s’ Signature Methodology as a formula to ensure successful implementations; they also cover several dos and don’t of implementing software and change management as a whole through anecdotes and examples based on their experiences and past successes and failures.

We couldn’t get a guest for this week due to scheduling conflicts, but we have 2 guests lined up for the next few episodes that we are super excited about. We hope you find the above conversation between us useful it is based on a presentation that @bderuvo did at Insights this year which was very popular and lead to a variety of very interesting discussions.

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We hope you all enjoy the episode and let us know below your thoughts. If you have any questions you’d like answered by either us, or someone at Epicor in a future episode please send us a PM or an email directly to and we will do everything we can to get you an answer.

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One of my favorite books that I hand out to every BSA I meet is:


It’s written based on SAP but it’s General and all of the techniques can be applied to any ERP.

If you aren’t doing what the book says and Bryan mentions, you simply aren’t implementing, you are a chicken without a head thinking you are implementing :slight_smile:


I am searching for the name of the SAP book they gave me at GVSU when I was first introduced to ERP systems. This book was also published for SAP, but had so many great insights to ERP in general. Funny you also have a book like this.

I haven’t used it since or bought it 23 times, but it’s great.



Haha man, you are great

Yes, that’s it!

Its another one I give out as a Present and then I end up having to buy my own copy again :smiley:

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Hahahaha yes man, it’s a great book.

It got me into ERP systems, that one class.

That one and then the SQL class I had to take- those two were fundamental for me.

I was very upset in my operations management class when we were doing MRP manually. The whole time I am thinking, do you know that there are systems that do this? Of course it’s always great to know how to do something manually, but it blew my mind that they were teaching it.

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@Chris_Conn I really liked the intro music.

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@bderuvo Thanks for sharing your approach and how you have added to Epicor’s signature methodology. Tips like, “make sure the consultant you are working with fits with your team or what your team needs,” or “make sure you are there to listen” when doing the business process review. One of the hardest things I struggle with is not “introducing change” when doing the process review-much like Jose.

Great content gentlemen!

Also @Chris_Conn did you make that song at the end of the video?? So sick.


Thanks @utaylor, glad you enjoyed the episode!

@Chris_Conn has some talents that extend past his software development skills. He continues to surprise us all with his musical talents!

For real, that was cool!

I do music, but nobody said I did it well :rofl: I prefer the term dabble.

I wrote a song about the legend of @Ross.Fireball.Kuiper
Again, not good, but I sure had fun making it.


I agree. I enjoyed the music and quickly looked to see who had done it. Great job @Chris_Conn


Sooooo sick dude, that’s awesome.

Keep it up I like it a lot. The beat too is nice. The vocal effects too are great.

That’s awesome!!! Can we get @Chris_Conn to be the opening act at Insights next year?!!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Despite recently moving to Florida, I am no Flo-rida - and I know how much you all loved him.


Don’t remind me :neutral_face: :joy:

Congrats on the move to FL @Chris_Conn


Where are my condolences @Randy