Series 1 EpiSode 4: Catch Up Call with Bart Elia

In this EpiSode:

@bderuvo takes a much needed vacation :roll_eyes: and @josecgomez miscounts our episodes (its 4 not 5 :neutral_face:) then, he discusses a rumor going around that Epicor is going to force everyone to go to the cloud by 2024…(Spoiler Alert) They aren’t!

We talk briefly about what parameter sniffing is and what negative and positive consequences it can have on our BAQs. Then we dive into a thoroughly enjoyable conversation with @Bart_Elia former Lead Software Architect at Epicor, now Platform Architect at AMN Healthcare.

Bart and Jose do a bit of a deep dive into the history of Epicor, Bart’s tenure at the company and why he left (when opportunity knocks… you answer it!), the birth of E10, REST and more, while covering relevant topics like architecture design, hardware as code and the cloud.

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Video Editor: @jgiese.wci ← At long Last! @Bart_Elia almost changed jobs again between recording and video editing :joy:
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Episode 4 not 5, counting is hard for @josecgomez even if he does have a full set of digits on his hand. We should have named it episode 5 and Episode 4 is the “lost episode”. An air of mystery around it. Thanks @Bart_Elia for participating!

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He has you guys to do the counting for him, so why worry the little things. :joy: :joy:

You’d think John…but no less than 5 of them saw the video before it was posted and “vetted” it and not a one noticed I said 5 instead of 4 until it was all edited and rendered. :man_facepalming:

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That’s hilarious

And this was after you already had me edit out your swear words, re-title, replace the hook and re-render a second time! Tail waggin’ the dog

hey meow the behind the scenes drama is for patreons only :rofl: or for the holiday special #KeepUp!

That would go down like this

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As long as you play Jar Jar i’m game

IDK, I’ve seen him count in binary with those digits. :person_shrugging:


^^^ There’s your episode 4.

@Bart_Elia. we still need to print these shirts.

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Thanks @josecgomez for remembering my name, happy to catch up. I hope the community is well!

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DevOps is definitely a part of the conversation and a solid plank in the platform. Many aspects build the IT ecosystem and ignoring one or unbalancing some over others will lead to loss of velocity or outright failure.

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For anyone who wants more History on Epicor’s Early Days.

Conversation with Epicor’s Bart Elia 2007

Conversation with Epicor’s Erik Johnson 2008

Great episode! Definitely not enough OpenVMS and Windows on Alpha stories though!!


Lol hey it’s what my first mcse was on. Alpha NT 3.1 or some gawd awful early tech. Fun days when you used to have to buy your ip network driver for windows desktops

@Bart_Elia you haven’t aged in 15 years, that or it’s the film fidelity, we’ll go with the former :slight_smile:

I do not miss those days of being locked in a windowless room all week from 7am to 8pm talking to Microsoft product leads trying to point out gaps in whatever design review we were doing and then just as I am ready to escape for the four hour drive home they stick a camera in your face.
The early patten and practices ones are all proofed. Too bad, those were good times.

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