Series 2 EpiSode 1: Insights 2024 Recap

In this EpiSode:

Better late than never! Premiere of Season 2, Bryan and Jose return after a year-long hiatus, energized and ready to recap their experiences at Epicor Insights 2024. From meeting Bear Grylls to an unexpected event turnout, they share it all.

Celebrate with them as they honor community MVPs @timshuwy, @gpayne , and @klincecum for their significant contributions. Dive into the future of ECM and explore innovative solutions like dynamic document management and AP automation.

Hear their take on AI in Epicor and its practical applications. Plus, get a sneak peek at what’s in store for the new season, including guest appearances and insightful discussions on product comparisons and technical demos. Join Bryan and Jose as they kick off an exciting new season filled with fresh insights and community spirit!

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PS: Sorry about the crappy audio issues, I blame @jgiese.wci for letting me do editing :zipper_mouth_face:


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Stay tuned for the next episode dropping soon with some awesome guests from the EpiWorld :trumpet:


That was very well done, and informative and entertaining as well. :tada:

Well Done Reaction GIF

As far as presentations go, I’m always willing, no matter how it’s structured.
That being said, I am ready to bow out if someone wants to step up.

You can just use me as a space filler.


Great episode Bryan and Jose. Really feel I missed out on the meetup. Next year! Great observation on AI. We are excited about the year ahead and what we can do!!


An ELC episode with @karihagedorn please.

Edit: Bryan was begging you to do it in the episode!


BTW, I’m always impressed with the polish of the podcast. Kudos to @jgiese.wci and @Banderson for the behind the scenes work. @hkeric.wci’s graphics are spot on. And it wouldn’t be as good as it is without the musical stylings of @Chris_Conn .


The audio was hot garbage this time that was my bad :smiling_face:


Fun re-cap, excited for the next EpiSode!


Haha clever, never noticed it before. They must have reached out to @Mark_Wonsil for that one…

Whats Up Flirt GIF by I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter


Nah, that’s all them. I mean I approve and all. It’s the EpiToMe of the kind of joke I might make.


You felt a disturbance in the force when they named it though, I know you did. :rofl:


He always asks me what takes so long to cut it together. Well polishing a turd takes time, patience and a steady hand.

Glad he got to wear my shoes for a bit LOL.


Great episode and congrats on getting season 2 started. I know you guys put in a lot of hard work making these for the community.